German prosecutors indict 5 people for treason, forming ‘terrorist organization’ aimed at sparking a civil war

Streaming HUBJanuary 24, 2023

Federal prosecutors in Germany said Monday they have charged five people with sedition and creating a “terrorist organization” that aims to topple the government and incite civil war.

Prosecutors said the suspects, four men and a woman, had made “concrete preparations” to cause a massive blackout in the country and use the ensuing chaos to install an alternative government. They also allegedly planned to kidnap the country’s health minister, Karl Lauterbach, who has faced extreme criticism from opponents of the government’s pandemic restrictions.

The group is alleged to be driven by a ‘Reich Citizens’ ideology promoted by one of its members, who was identified only as Elisabeth R due to German privacy regulations.

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Federal prosecutors in Germany have charged five people with sedition and "terrorist organization" Who allegedly wanted to start a civil war.

Five people in Germany were indicted by federal prosecutors for sedition and creating a “terrorist organization” that allegedly wanted to spark a civil war.
(Fox News)

All five German nationals were arrested last year and held in pre-trial detention.

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Authorities last month uncovered a similar plot by another, larger far-right group. Its members were also adherents of the Reich Citizens Movement, which believes that the current government is illegitimate and that the German constitution of 1871 is still in force.


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