Malikappuram Telugu Movie Review

Streaming HUBJanuary 26, 2023
malikappuram movie review

Release Date : January 26, 2023 Rating : 2.75/5

Starring: Unni Mukundan, Deva Nanda, Sripath, Saiju Kurup

the director: Vishnu Shashi Shankar

the creator: Priya Venu, Neeta Pinto

music director: Ranjeen Raj

Shading: Vishnu Narayanan

Editor: Sameer Mohammed

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Malayalam blockbuster Malikappuram starring Unni Mukundan in the lead role has created a sensation at the Kerala box office. The Telugu version of the film hit the screens today, and let’s see how it fares.


An eight-year-old girl named Shannu (Deva Nand) wants to visit Sabarimala, as her favorite deity is Lord Ayyappa. It remains a long unfulfilled dream despite his father constantly asking him. Suddenly, an unfortunate incident takes place, which disturbs Shannu’s family. Shannu, along with her brother Bujji (Sreepath), decides to go to Sabarimala on her own. A child trafficker keeps trying to kidnap Shannu. Did the children reach Sabarimala safely? Did they get rid of the kidnapper? What is the role of Ayyappan (Unni Mukundan) in this story? The film has the answers.

Plus Points:

Anyone will be surprised to see the acting of Dev Nanda who plays the role of Shannu. The entire film revolves around her character, and it is not easy to essay the role of Shannu at such a young age. But the child actor has done a great job, and she definitely has a bright future ahead. Deva Nand’s acting will bring tears to the eyes within moments.

Shripath who plays Deva Nand’s brother Bujji is amazing. The film is given a nice comic touch through Bujji’s character, and the kid is amazing. His comedy timing made people laugh a lot. As a protective brother, he’s fantastic, and his expressions were watchable.

Finally, Unni Mukundan delivers a settled performance as Ayyappan. The actor’s screen presence was a major advantage for the film, and his few scenes with the children worked well. There is a good message towards the end of the film. A fight sequence that comes in the second hour is very well composed.

minus points:

The intent of conveying is good, but direct description does not serve the purpose. Barring a few scenes, the film is boring and boring. There are no surprises or thrilling moments, and the film plods along with a flat screenplay.

The story is a big disappointment as it is quite bland. The devotional touch is fine, but more substance was needed to propel the proceedings. The story of an old Telugu film named Devullu is more or less similar to the plot of Malikappuram. What worked well with the former was the gripping portrayal of the characters’ journey in achieving their goal. This is where Malikapuram fails to feature.

The journey should have been highlighted more apart from showing the family angle of the girl. All the actors have given their best but the main issue is the writing. At times the film gets long and some scenes require better editing.

technical aspects:

Ranjin Raj’s music is fine, and one song on screen was good. Vishnu Narayanan’s cinematography neatly captured the Kerala locations. Editing is fine, and production values ​​are good.

Talking about director Vishnu Shashi Shankar, he has done a very mediocre job with the film. While the film had more scope to perform really big, it was held down by bland writing. There are good moments, but they are few in number.


Overall, Malikappuram clicks here and there. The film largely benefits from the fine performances of the lead actors, and the emotion works in parts. Had the team of the film designed some more exciting moments, the range of the film would have increased further. Hence Malikappuram is a fine watch this weekend. Rating: 2.75/5

Reviewed by the 123telugu team

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