Anger Tales Telugu Movie Review

Streaming HUBMarch 9, 2023
Angry Tales Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : March 09, 2023 Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: Venkatesh Maha, Suhas, Ravindra Vijay, Bindu Madhavi, Phani Acharya, Tharun Bhaskar, Madonna Sebastian

Director: Prabhal Tilak

the creator: Sridhar Reddy and Suhas

music director: Smaran Sai

Shading: Amardeep, Vinod K Bangari, Venkat R Shakhmuri, AJ Aaron

Editor: Kodati Pawan Kalyan

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OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar comes up with an anthology titled Angry Tales featuring a notable cast. Directed by Prabhala Tilak, the film is currently available for streaming. Let’s see how it is.


Anger Tales is about four characters who experience extreme anger due to respective situations in their lives. The first story is about a married woman Pooja Reddy (Madonna Sebastian) who is restricted from eating food of her choice by her vegetarian husband and mother-in-law. The second story is about a 32-year-old man, Giridhar (Phani Acharya), who faces difficulties in both his personal and professional life because of his bald head. The third story is about a housewife named Radha (Bindu Madhavi) whose sleep is disturbed by the constant loud noises of her boss and the boss’s relatives. The final story is about Ranga (Venkatesh Maha), a desperate fan of a star hero, who is bent on staging his favorite hero’s benefit show on the same screen at 7 PM.

Plus Points:

The soul of the final episode featuring recent sensation Venkatesh Maha is in the right place. Every film fanatic can relate to the character of Ranga played by Venkatesh Maha. It is well known that fans can go to any extent to not let their hero down and it has been shown very well. There is emotion, there is fun and there is anger in this special story. All these elements worked very well and Venkatesh Maha and Suhas gave their best. Recently there were several incidents of damage to cinema halls during the re-release of films and this aspect was also touched upon in this last story.

The first episode featuring Madonna and Tharun Bhaskar has a simple yet feel-good message about one’s independence with regards to food choices. The same has been dealt with in a civilized manner. Madonna and Tharun Bhaskar do well in their respective roles, and the story is kept short.

Performance wise, Bindu Madhavi, Phani Acharya and Ravindra Vijay scored good marks in the other two stories. The background score was good and gives a good feel to the proceedings. The idea of ​​making an anthology film on the basic human emotion of anger is fine.

minus points:

The biggest drawback is the way things were concluded in the second and third stories. The stories aren’t that bad here, but it’s the execution that really hinders the whole effect. The second episode featuring Phani Acharya starts off well, and the characterization is well introduced. Though it is very similar to Bala (Hindi) movie, things start on a good note but later the graph falls and the narrative moves in an inconsistent manner. This plot also ends in a rather silly way. What exactly the makers wanted to convey through this story is not clear.

The next issue is with the narration of the third story of Bindu Madhavi. The point being raised is fine, and it is understandable that one gets very annoyed by the constant loud chatter of others. But the story drags on unnecessarily, and we are shown repetitive scenes throughout. So this part is boring, and what is even more disappointing is the climax of the story which is laughable.

The film could have been even better if both the above stories had been executed cleanly. The film moves at a very slow pace for the most part, and the editing team could have cut many unnecessary scenes to eliminate boredom.

technical aspects:

Smaran Sai’s music is good, and as mentioned earlier, it enhanced the impact of certain scenes. Cinematography in the film is fine. The production values ​​are reasonable. The dialogues in the previous episodes are neatly written, and the fun angle shown feels natural here. Editing is below-par.

Coming to director Prabhala Tilak, he did a fine job with the film. The narrative and emotions work very well only in the final plot and to an extent in the first story. But in other stories the director’s work is not so great and great care was needed with regard to the presentation of these stories. The main point is not properly established in the second episode, while the story takes a complete beating in the third episode.


Overall, Angry Tales is an anthology that works in parts. The film benefits to a great extent from the performances of the lead actors and its final episode. But the problem lies with the weak presentation of other stories. That’s why Angry Tales is just an okay watch this weekend. Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by the 123telugu team

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