EU imposes sanctions on 9 Taliban, Russian officers over women’s rights abuses

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The European Union on Tuesday sanctioned nine people, including two senior Taliban government members, Russian military officers and police, as well as an Iranian prison facility, alleging rights violations and linking them to the sexual exploitation of women .

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said, “We are stepping up efforts to combat sexual and gender-based violence, to ensure that those responsible are held fully accountable for their actions, and with impunity.” to compete with.” This announcement has been made on the eve of International Women’s Day.

The EU move would impose an asset freeze and travel ban on nine, and an asset freeze on Qarchak prison, one of the Iranian regime’s detention facilities for women – as well as on Syria’s Republican Guard and a Myanmar army institute.

Those targeted include two caretaker ministers of the Taliban government who have been accused of issuing decrees restricting the rights of women and girls. The Taliban have taken tough measures since taking power in August 2021. He has banned women from public life and girls’ education beyond the sixth grade.

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The European Union has imposed sanctions on nine people, including the Taliban and Russian officials, over abuses of women's rights.

The European Union has imposed sanctions on nine people, including the Taliban and Russian officials, over abuses of women’s rights.

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The EU also targeted the head of the Moscow police station, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Georgievich Fedorinov, and one of his men. The commander is accused of authorizing “arbitrary arrests and detentions of female anti-war protesters, as well as subsequent torture”.

Sanctions were also imposed on two Russian military commanders whose soldiers are accused of rape and sexual violence in Ukraine.

Months of protests erupted in Iran over the September death of Mahsa Amini following his arrest by the country’s morality police – one of the most serious challenges to Iran’s democracy since the 1979 Islamic Revolution – the European Union has Chose Karachak prison.

The bloc of 27 countries said women held there are “subjected to torture, rape and other forms of sexual violence. They are kept in overcrowded cells without clean drinking water, food and medical aid, which is cruel, inhumane or degrading.” ” Treatment.”

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