Hong Kong traffic accident leaves 87 people injured

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Four passenger buses and a truck collided near the Hong Kong Road Tunnel on Friday, injuring 87 people, including children. Most of the injuries were minor.

The accident happened shortly after noon near the entrance of a tunnel on Tseung Kwan O Road in Lam Tin, a residential area of ​​Kowloon. Senior Police Inspector Lee Pok-kit said a taxi made a “reckless lane change” and the other vehicles failed to stop in time, leading to the collision.

A large number of fire engines, paramedics and police reached the spot. Several people lay on stretchers and at least one passenger was seen getting out of a vehicle. The side mirror of the bus was broken.

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An ambulance worker inspects after an accident on a highway in Hong Kong on March 24, 2023.

An ambulance worker inspects after an accident on a highway in Hong Kong on March 24, 2023. (AP Photo / Lewis Delmonte)

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Some of the injured, including the elderly, were treated by doctors at the scene. A group of primary school students were seen sitting on the road and some of them received injuries on their hands.

Lam Tin Fire Station Commander Shen Chuen said his team had to help around 240 people abandon the vehicles and the operation was challenging as there were many children and elderly passengers. A bus driver was also trapped in the vehicle, he added.

According to Lam Tin’s ambulance depot commander Wong Po-lung, the injuries mainly consisted of scratches on people’s arms, legs, heads and faces.

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