Islamic extremists kill 25 fishermen in northeast Nigeria, 9 escape

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Islamic extremists killed at least 25 fishermen during an attack in northeastern Nigeria’s Borno state, police told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Local police chief Abdu Omar said insurgents attacked fishermen in the remote village of Mukadolo in Borno, where extremist violence has been concentrated for years. He said some bodies were recovered in Wednesday’s attack and buried on Thursday.

Police said, “There is not a single human being at the place as it is abandoned, but the villagers of Dikwa go there to fish. Unfortunately, this time, Boko Haram (extremists) surrounded the place and killed 25 of them.” killed and nine survived.” The chief spoke of the attack. Locals have reported that more than 30 people were killed in the attack.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and largest economy, is battling a 14-year-old insurgency in the northeast by Boko Haram Islamist insurgents and Islamic State West Africa Province. The extremists are fighting to establish Sharia law and block Western education.

Extremist violence has killed over 35,000 people and displaced over 2 million, according to the United Nations Development Programme.

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Islamic extremists killed around 25 fishermen during an attack in northeastern Nigeria.

Islamic extremists killed around 25 fishermen during an attack in northeastern Nigeria. (Fox News)

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Abba Modu, with the local security organization in Borno, said Wednesday’s latest attack came after insurgents warned locals to stay away from the river in Mukadolo village, which is near the Sambisa forest, a popular hideout for militants .

Modu said, “The Boko Haram men said that they now own the river, and that no villagers would be allowed to fish there except their members.”

“It was a sad and sad incident that happened to our people and we have just returned from attending his burial,” Mohammad Zakaria Dikwa, a local legislator in the area, told the AP.

In the past two weeks, dozens of rebels have been either killed or arrested, while more than 1,300 of them surrendered to Nigerian troops, according to Moses Danamdami, a spokesman for Nigeria’s defense headquarters.

“The troops have maintained and maintained their dominance in the joint area of ​​operations in the country’s northeast region,” Danamdami told reporters on Thursday.

The Nigerian government has often said that its security forces have greatly reduced the extremists’ ability to carry out attacks, but security analysts argue that the insurgency has been going on for years because the country’s security forces are well-equipped. are not and are battling with other crimes.


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