Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant oversees launch of new spy satellite, raising questions about his future

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Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant oversaw the launch of a new spy satellite on Wednesday, just days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would sack Galant from his post, sparking a wave of backlash. Will happen

Gallant broke ranks with Netanyahu over the weekend when he called for a halt to the prime minister’s judicial reform plan, which has ignited mass protests among civilians and the military.

Netanyahu said in a brief statement on Sunday that he had decided to fire Galant. However a day later, he reached an agreement with other officials to postpone his coalition’s plan for a judicial overhaul until the next parliamentary session.

While judicial reform remains on hold, Gallant’s future is still bleak. After overseeing the launch on Wednesday, he said the “Ofek 13” satellite was “one more proof of the tremendous technological innovation that characterizes the Israeli security system.”

“Israel has already demonstrated many times its diverse capabilities in the field of space and is among a limited list of countries that possess these capabilities, which we will continue to develop and deepen,” Gallant said in a statement. ”

“Ofek 13” is a “radar-based observation satellite” that will “allow day and night photography capabilities” and “significantly improve the intelligence of the State of Israel,” according to Avi Berger, head of the Space Directorate. Israeli Defense Ministry.

The Israeli Defense Ministry and Netanyahu’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday about Galant’s condition.

Netanyahu tells Pierce Morgan’s democracy is safe in Israel despite his moves for ‘very powerful’ controls

Netanyahu’s pause on the judicial overhaul plan came after large parts of society shut down on Monday, with universities, hospitals and transport hubs brought to a standstill by strikes.

The prime minister has argued that non-elected Supreme Court justices exercise too much power and seeks to limit judicial review of laws when the governing coalition finalizes judicial appointments.

“There is one more thing that characterizes the judiciary in Israel and that is that the judges veto the appointment of judges, they effectively choose themselves and this does not exist in any democracy. The reform that we are in right now That’s right, Netanyahu told Piers Morgan in an interview that aired on Fox Nation this week.

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The Umbrella Movement leadership, which has organized protests against the reforms, said the reforms should be rejected outright.

The groups said in a statement, “The government has brought Israel close to destruction and they are still threatening to end democracy. A temporary freeze is not enough and unless the law is rejected in the Knesset Till then the national protest will continue to intensify.”

Israel’s next parliamentary session begins on April 30.

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