Kabzaa Telugu Movie Review

Streaming HUBMarch 17, 2023
Kabzaa Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : March 17, 2023

123telugu.com Rating: 2/5

Starring: Upendra, Kiccha Sudeep, Shiva Rajkumar, Shriya Saran, Murali Sharma, Posani Krishna Murali, Kota Srinivasa Rao, John Kokken, Sudha, Anoop Revanna, Kabir Singh Duhan, Dev Gill and others

Director: R Chandru

the creator: R Chandru

music director: Ravi Basrur

Shading: AJ Shetty

Editor: Mahesh S Reddy

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A massive pan-India film titled Kabzaa starring Upendra and Shriya Saran hit the screens today. Kiccha Sudeepa and Shiva Rajkumar played important roles. Originally shot in Kannada, the film was dubbed into other Indian languages. P Chandru directed this period action film. Let’s see how it is.


Arkeshwara (Upendra), an Indian Air Force officer, belongs to a freedom fighter family. He is head over heels for Madhumati (Shriya Saran), a rich girl, and the two are planning to tie the knot. On the other hand, in Amarpura we get to see a coterie of dreaded gangsters and politicians who yearn for power. In a complete turn of events, Arkeshwar enters the world of crime and eventually becomes the king. How that change changed Arkeshwara’s life forms the gist of the story.

Plus Points:

The cinematography in Captured is great, and the bygone era is shown very well. Upendra, who is known for his unique films, delivered a very good performance. His screen presence is astonishing, and he completes it in a stunning action avatar.

Kiccha Sudeepa and Shiva Rajkumar’s cameos provide a big relief. The actors though appear for a very short time but make their presence felt. The action sequences are well composed, and the interval bang is okay.

minus points:

Sometimes a film becomes a trendsetter through its unique presentation or concept. KGF is a film that redefined heroism in Indian cinema. There is nothing wrong in being inspired by such trendsetting films, but the problem with Kabzaa is that it almost looks like a replica of KGF. There has to be some authentic factor to make a film engaging, but Possession doesn’t have one. Possession looks exactly like KGF from the story, narrative and dialogues.

Even the voiceover that takes the story forward looks exactly like KGF. It is the car chase sequence in KGF 2 where the makers used the blackout effect to enhance the effect. In Possession, this special effect is used not once but throughout the film, leaving the audience extremely upset. It is time the filmmakers come out of their KGF hangover and understand that elements that work for one film will not always work for another.

That’s not the whole problem with possession. It has an age-old story where the protagonist enters the world of crime under unavoidable circumstances. The film lacks emotions and hence we do not feel the pain of the characters. The emphasis was entirely on creating a larger-than-life film on a massive canvas, but unfortunately, it all took a back seat when it came to storytelling.

It is very difficult to sit in the second half. The love track between the lead pair is very boring, and the romantic scenes are intermittent, adding up to endless woes. The editing required some serious changes. The sharp cuts and clumsy presentation of scenes do not help the film at all. The film has been unnecessarily dragged and what is more shocking is that the sequel of this film is being announced.

technical aspects:

Ravi Basrur’s music is loud, and the effects are sorely missing. Also, the story doesn’t give him enough opportunities to showcase his skills. The cinematography and production values ​​are excellent. The film would have been unbearable if not for the brilliant camera work by AJ Shetty. Editing is bad, and Telugu dubbing is bad.

Talking about director Chandru, he has done a poor job with the film. He also handled the story and screenplay but failed to make a mark in any aspect. Even for a full blown action entertainer to be successful, there has to be some emotion. But in possession this aspect is completely missing. The hero coming into the world of crime is a beat-the-knock concept, and hence there should have been some innovation.


On the whole, KABZABA is a loud and boring period action drama that falls short of its expectations. Upendra and the cinematography are the only props in this tiresome film. The routine story, uninteresting narrative, and lack of emotion make it disappointing. You can easily skip this movie.

123telugu.com Rating: 2/5

Reviewed by the 123telugu team

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