OTT Review: Dada – Tamil film on Prime Video

Streaming HUBMarch 12, 2023
Dochevarevura Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : March 10, 2023 Rating: 3/5

Starring: Kavin, Aparna Das, Bhagyaraj, Aishwarya Bhaskaran, VTV Ganesh, Pradeep Antony, Harish K, Fauji

Director: ganesh ke babu

the creator: S Ambeth Kumar

music director: Jane Martin

Shading: Ezil Arasu’s

Editor: Kathiresh Alagesan

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Kollywood movie Dada starring Kavin and Aparna Das has now made its digital debut on Amazon Prime Video. The film is directed by Ganesh K Babu, and let’s see how it turns out.


Manikandan (Kavin) and Sindhu (Aparna Das) are college sweethearts. Sindhu becomes pregnant, causing Manikandan and Sindhu’s parents to leave them. Manikandan asks Sindhu to get an abortion, to which the latter does not agree. Left with no option, Manikandan gets a job in a warehouse, and the lovebirds start living together. Manikandan works on his fingers to manage Sindhu’s medical expenses. During this, a situation of confrontation starts to arise between the two and one day it reaches its peak. What is that extreme position? what happened next? How did that situation change the lives of Sindhu and Manikandan? Watch the movie to know the answer.

Plus Points:

The film has a simple plot which focuses on basic human emotions and relationships. The director presents these emotions in a beautiful and heartfelt way without trying hard to impress. The characterizations of the lead pair are well written, making us root for them from the very beginning. The story is set up well initially, and we are well taken into the world of Manikandan and Sindhu.

The conflict point between the lead pair is quite strong, and this crucial scene is well presented. The nature of conversation is simple. Kavin, as Manikandan, enlivens the film with his matured performance. He is brilliant in the emotional part and equally good in the funny scenes. A scene where Kavin casually suggests his colleague not to commit suicide shows the ease in his acting.

The journey and transformation of the male protagonist is well showcased. Aparna Das, the girl who played a pivotal role in Vijay’s Beast enthralls the audience with her charming performance in Dada. He looks cute, this is actually one of Dada’s biggest advantages. His acting is very good during a crucial scene in the first hour and in the climax portions.

The film has also got a good dose of comedy at many places. VTV Ganesh, who plays a brief but impactful role, tickles the funny bones. His one scene with the hero is hilarious, and there is some magic about the veteran actor. Pradeep Antony does a good job as Kavin’s subordinate, and the makers inject good humor through his character. Others are good in their respective roles.

minus points:

The film slows down a bit at times and the second half could have been better. As the first half is full of good emotions and drama, the expectations will definitely be high for the second half, but this part is comparatively not that good.

Some scenes in the film are very simply written and this aspect could have been handled properly. The song at the end could have been avoided to keep the film short and sweet. The film becomes predictable at times and hence the impact gets diluted a bit.

technical aspects:

Jane Martin does a compelling job as the songs and background score are enjoyable throughout. Ezil Arasu’s cinematography is impeccable, as the frames are easy on the eyes. Editing is fine. The production values ​​are adequate. Dialogues are well written.

Coming to director Ganesh K Babu, he has done a good job with the film. The way he brought good drama and emotion in the first hour was great. He also infused good humor in the film. But as mentioned earlier, the second half doesn’t match the first hour, though there was scope for more drama. Nevertheless, Ganesh manages to extract decent performances from the cast, and the climax portions are well handled.


On the whole, Dada has a simple plot told in a natural way. The great performances and emotions of Kavin and Aparna Das are the strengths of the film. The first half of the film is good, but the pace of the second hour is slow. Those looking for sensible dramas can watch Dada this weekend. Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by the 123telugu team

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