Rana Naidu Web Series Review

Streaming HUBMarch 10, 2023
rana naidu web series review

Release Date : March 10, 2023

123telugu.com Rating : 2.75/5

Starring: Venkatesh Daggubati, Rana Daggubati, Surveen Chawla, Abhishek Banerjee, Sushant Singh, Ashish Vidyarti, Aditya Menon, Mukul Chaddha, Rajesh Jais, Rajesh Kumar and others

Director: Suparn Verma and Karan Anshuman

the creator: handsome aaron

music director: John Stewart Eduri

Shading: Jaykrishna Gummadi

Editor: Ninad Khanolkar

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Netflix India has now come up with an insane web series Rana Naidu which marks the OTT debut of Tollywood actor Vijay Venkatesh. Starring Rana Daggubati, the show is the Indian adaptation of the American television series Ray Donovan. Directed by Suparn Verma and Karan Anshuman, this Hindi series is now available for streaming in various dubbed versions. Let’s know how is the series.


Rana Naidu (Rana Daggubati) is a problem solver for celebrities in Mumbai. From Bollywood stars to cricketers, if any celebrity gets caught in an issue, Rana Naidu is the first person to approach to solve the problem. Rana Naidu lives separately with his wife and children. His two brothers Tej Naidu (Sushant Singh) and Pawan Naidu aka Jaffa (Abhishek Banerjee) also live in Mumbai. However, things take a U-turn when Rana Naidu’s father Naga Naidu (Venkatesh Daggubati) arrives in Mumbai after 15 years of imprisonment. Rana Naidu hates his father to the core. Why does Rana Naidu hate his father? How did the arrival of Naga Naidu change the life of Rana Naidu? What made Naga Naidu go to jail? The series has answers.

Plus Points:

As the title suggests, Rana gets the bulk of the screen time, and the actor is at his best in the show. The character of Rana Naidu demands a lot from an actor, and Rana has done full justice to the role. From intense screen presence to subtle performances in emotional scenes, Rana pulls off his job brilliantly. The actor does not go overboard and plays his part with perfection.

Victory Venkatesh gets a brand new makeover with the series. Venkatesh is best known for his endearing family dramas, and the audience will be shocked to see Venky playing a character with gray shades and foul language at his mouth. Although it takes time to adjust to initially, Venkatesh proves that he can play any type of role with conviction. It is a delight to watch Venky in this unusual role.

Venkatesh and Rana’s confrontation scenes though few in number, are good to watch. After Rana and Venkatesh, it is Surveen Chawla who gets a pivotal role. She acted flawlessly as Rana’s wife. The character of Jaffa played by Bollywood’s promising actor Abhishek Banerjee is well written and the actor has given a great performance. Others are fine in their respective roles. The last four episodes were kinda interesting and had some good moments.

minus points:

The expectations are clear when a star actor like Venkatesh is making his digital debut. That too, since he is starring opposite Rana Daggubati, the viewers are sure that the show will be promising. But the series didn’t quite live up to the hype and huge expectations.

A simple family story around a crime backdrop that could have been told in a lucid manner is over-drawn, making things worse. When the story is thin, the screenplay has to do the magic. But unfortunately, the series is boring for the most part, and the director fails to write an engaging story despite having the best actors on his side.

The sub-plots lack depth and continuity, and the family drama is not well-crafted. There are no high moments in the show, and the presentation falls very flat. The series only picks up pace in the last few episodes, but by then it is too late as the viewer loses interest. The editing team did a poor job, as the series has many dull scenes that create an excessive amount of boredom.

Web shows allow makers to produce content without any censorship restrictions, and won’t be a problem when adult content or foul language sinks well into the narrative. But in Rana Naidu, the skin show and profanity are overused, which irritates the audience.

technical aspects:

Production values ​​are good. John Stewart Eduri’s music is decent, and the background score towards the climax portions is solid. Jayakrishna Gummadi’s cinematography is impeccable, as the world of crime is captured well through his lens. Telugu dubbing is excellent. The editing team should have put more effort into their work as the series is tiresome with long scenes.

Talking about directors Suparn Varma and Karan Anshuman, they did not work well with Rana Naidu. There isn’t enough meat to the story, and so the series doesn’t give the other cast members enough opportunities to flesh out. The writing is fairly weak, and there isn’t enough drama to elevate the proceedings. If not for the stellar performances by Venkatesh and Rana, the show would have turned out to be a huge disappointment.


On the whole, Rana Naidu is a crime action drama that largely works. The last few episodes offer some good moments. Sincere performances by Rana and Venkatesh are let down by writing issues and long running time. You can still give the series a shot for Venky and Rana but make sure to keep a check on your expectations.

123telugu.com Rating: 2.75/5

Reviewed by the 123telugu team

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