Trial over Gwyneth Paltrow's alleged skiing accident to begin next week

Streaming HUBMarch 19, 2023

PARK CITY, Utah (KTVX) – A jury trial between a Utah doctor and famed Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow is set to begin Tuesday, March 21.

The eight-day trial will consider allegations from a complaint filed in 2019 alleging that Paltrow sexually assaulted a Utah skier, Dr. Terry was involved in a confrontation with Sanderson.

According to complaint documents, Sanderson was struck by Paltrow while she was skiing on a family vacation on an early run in Deer Valley. Sanderson claims that Paltrow was “skiing out of control and too fast for her ability.”

Sanderson’s attorneys say their client was injured in the collision, suffering four broken ribs, a brain injury and other serious injuries.

Sanderson further claims that, after the collision, Paltrow and Deer Valley employees, including a ski instructor, left her in the snow with serious injuries and failed to contact emergency responders. Court documents also show that Sanderson accused Deer Valley of filing a false report saying it was at fault, allegedly to protect Paltrow. This caused him further emotional distress, he claims.

Paltrow has previously denied any wrongdoing, alleging that Sanderson actually crashed into her and “shocked her whole body.” She also claimed that after the collision, Sanderson apologized and said he was fine.

Paltrow filed a counterclaim against Sanderson in 2019.

Deer Valley Resort requested to be dropped from the case, saying that Deer Valley’s conduct did not put Sanderson in any real physical danger. Deer Valley’s proposal also refutes Sanderson’s claim that the resort did nothing to help and filed a false report after the alleged collision.

Deer Valley Resort was eventually dismissed from the case in January 2023.

Court documents show Sanderson was initially seeking more than $3 million, but a judge ruled in May 2022 that Sanderson was not entitled to punitive damages, local outlet KSL reported.

The full complaint and counterclaim can be read in full on Nexstar’s KTVX.


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