UN head calls for scientist to serve ‘cold, hard facts’ that will push governments to curb climate change

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The head of the United Nations called on scientists on Monday to serve up “cold, hard facts” to push governments to enact policies that curb climate change before key global warming thresholds are exceeded.

Experts and officials from around the world gathered for a week-long meeting in the Swiss alpine town of Interlaken to finalize the last of seven reports released by the global body’s panel of top scientists since the Paris climate accord in 2015. Were. ,

In a video address to delegates, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change “couldn’t come at a more important time.”

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“Our world is at a crossroads – and our planet is in the crosshairs,” he said. “We are nearing the point of no return without exceeding the internationally agreed limit of 2.7 Fahrenheit of global warming.”

A woman leads her goats in the background of the Suralaya coal power plant in Cilgon, Indonesia, on January 8, 2023. "cold, hard facts" This would prompt governments to adopt policies that stop climate change before global warming is exceeded.

A woman leads her goats in the background of the Suralaya coal power plant in Cilgon, Indonesia, on January 8, 2023. Curb climate change before global warming is exceeded. (AP Photo/Dita Alangkara, File)

That threshold, agreed in Paris about eight years ago and measured against average temperatures during pre-industrial times, has become the benchmark for climate scientists warning of the dangers of a warming planet.

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Guterres cited the recent IPCC report, which showed that some of the effects of global warming are already inevitable, “Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees with rapid and deep emissions reductions across all sectors of the global economy” possible.” Some scientists disagree, noting that the speed at which the greenhouse gas is being pumped into the atmosphere makes this limit nearly impossible to maintain.

The UN chief said the final installment in the IPCC’s sixth reporting cycle – known as the Synthesis Report because it brings together insights from the previous six papers – should provide governments with “concrete, clear, detailed scientific guidance so that to make the right decisions for people and the planet.” when they gather in Dubai for the annual World Climate Summit at the end of the year.

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Guterres stressed that accelerating the phase-out of fossil fuels was “difficult but necessary.”

“Show the urgent need to end global warming with cold, hard facts,” he told delegates.

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