Woman dies in Mexico after falling from a 30-yard-high pole during a ‘Voladores’ performance

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Authorities in the central Mexico state of Puebla confirmed Sunday that a woman performing in the picturesque “voladores” ritual died after falling from a 30-yard pole.

The municipal government in the city of Huauchinango said it was canceling the rest of the festivities in a sign of mourning.

The performers were apparently mainly from a group of female “voladores”. They were performing at the city’s Flower Festival when the incident happened on Saturday night.

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People perform voladores, an ancient ritual, in Mexico City.

People perform voladores, an ancient ritual, in Mexico City. (Haneke Luising / Contributor / AP Photo)


The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Voladores, or flyers in English, are usually four performers who climb a pole and tie themselves with ropes twisted around the pole; They then leap outward and descend through the air, spinning in circles as the rope unwinds.

While the most famous voladores are from Papantla, in the neighboring state of Veracruz, the act, which originated as a spiritual observance, is also performed in Puebla.

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