Caffeine bear guzzles nearly 70 cans of soda, stops short when he tries one particular kind

Streaming HUBApril 25, 2023

A Canadian woman discovered a shocking pest problem in the middle of the night when she woke up to find a bear in her car swallowing dozens of soda cans.

“You could hear him grunting the whole time, and he didn’t break them with his paws like you’d think he would,” said Sharon Rosell. When his dog started barking at 3 in the morning, he woke up and found that the bear had broken the windshield of his car.

Rosell owns the Grill-It food truck and had a range of sodas including Orange Crush, root beer and diet soda stored in his car – the last of which the bear was not interested in, as it stopped after drinking 69 cans. and the CBC reported that refusing to drink the diet variant.

Rosell tries to stop the bear soon after, throwing cold water on it from his balcony and eventually trying to reason with it. She lives in a remote area and claims she regularly deals with bears, but has never “seen them go after Pop.”

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Food Truck Break-In

A woman in Canada witnessed a grizzly bear swallowing dozens of soda cans in her car at 3 a.m. (Jam Press)

“I tried to get him out by saying I was a bear hunter,” Rosell said. “He does whatever it takes, so I have to stand by and just watch him eat my car.”

She watched for an hour and a half while the bear worked its way through the soda cans.

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canada car break-in

The bear entered the car through the window and tore into the soda can with its teeth and claws. The only type of soda he didn’t drink was diet. (Jam Press)

“He was in great shape, but he was hungry and it was my fault. I never thought it could smell like a pop through a can,” Rosell told the Coast Reporter.

By the time the bear was gone, it had destroyed the car’s soft-top and ripped out the window cranks. The orange crush had stained the white leather seats and the soda had soaked into every part of the car, from the carpet to the gear shift.

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canadian sugar rush

Sharon Rosell owns a food truck and had stored food and soda in her car overnight. (Jam Press)

To make matters worse, the bear returned the next night, but Rosell’s dog was able to scare the bear away a second time.

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“I don’t want to do anything that compromises the bears. I know if they can’t find a food source they will move on,” Rosell said.

Rosell filed for insurance to cover the damage to her car, but she has yet to find out if they will.

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