Family of missing American sailor thanks USCG, Mexican navy for ‘exhaustive’ effort after search suspended

Streaming HUBApril 22, 2023

The children of one of the missing American sailors who disappeared near Mexico thanked the US Coast Guard and the Mexican Navy for their efforts after authorities suspended the search.

Bill Gross’s daughter, Melissa Spicuzza, said, “Knowing that members of our family have been part of a multinational search is not something we take for granted. It shows the kind of commitment and collaboration we all have coming together.” Will appreciate in years to come.” a statement. “Thank you to all those serving their countries at sea, ashore and overseas.

“To the community of all shipwreck sailors who have searched, reported, reached out, shared and posted information to aid in the search for Ocean Bound, Kerry, Frank and William, we know your search will not end,” she said. “Those of us with salt water in our veins won’t stop listening to the call to keep a sharp eye.”

The Coast Guard said over the weekend that Gross set sail with Carey and Frank O’Brien on their ship Ocean Bound, having last had contact with anyone on April 4, when they were near Mazatlan, Mexico.

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Mexico Coast Guard Navy

Carey and Frank O’Brien, two of the missing aboard the ship Ocean Bound, were last contacted on April 4, when it passed through Mazatlán. (US Coast Guard)

The three Americans were aboard a 44-foot La Fite sailing-ship called Ocean Bound, which had left for San Diego but failed to make contact on April 6 when it was supposed to stop at Cabo San Lucas.

Ellen Argall, the mother of Pennsylvania native Kerry O’Brien, said her daughter has loved the water all her life and told a local CBS news outlet that she was confident her daughter was safe.

She said, “I just keep hoping and praying that I get some good news. I want good news, not bad news.”

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the boat that went missing

The 44-foot Le Fitte vessel Ocean Bound, which went missing on April 4. (US Coast Guard)

The Mexican Navy expanded its search effort to three American sailors, sent four patrol boats and a twin-engine airplane to search the area. Ultimately, the Coast Guard suspended the search after an “extensive” effort covering an area larger than the state of California.

“The US Coast Guard has been notified that the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) has suspended the search for three US sailors aboard the sailing vessel Ocean Bound,” the Coast Guard said in a statement on Wednesday.

the commander. “Our deepest sympathies go out to the families and friends of William Gross, Kerry O’Brien and Frank O’Brien,” said Gregory Higgins, command center chief of Coast Guard District 11.

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mexico navy search

The 44-foot Le Fitte vessel Ocean Bound, which went missing after last contact on April 4. (US Coast Guard)

Spicuzza, speaking on behalf of his family, “humbly and gratefully” thanked those involved in the search, especially USCG District 11 Commander Gregory Higgins, who “has become part of our family.”

“While this was devastating news for our family, we support the decision of Semar and the USCG,” Spicuza said. “The search was exhaustive, heavily saturated in the Sea of ​​Cortez between Mazatlán, Cabo Las Lucas and Puerto Vallarta.

“No evidence has ever been found of Ocean Bound or its crew,” he continued. “The waters and ports along the Pacific coast of the Baja Peninsula were repeatedly contacted, discovered, and reported.

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“We understand the search can’t go on forever, and the ocean is a big place. We feel faith in the efforts of all agencies and even if we don’t find Ocean Bound or its crew, we can find solace in They’ve done everything anyone could do to find them.”

Spicuzza confirmed that the statement would serve as the family’s final message to the media and public “barring any major developments in the story,” concluding that “the Ocean Bound and its crew are missing, but they are forgotten.” will not go.”

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