O Kala Telugu Movie Review

Streaming HUBApril 16, 2023
o kala telugu movie review

Release Date : April 13, 2023

123telugu.com Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: Gaurish Yeleti, Roshni Sahota, Prachi Thakar, Devi Prasad and others

Director: Deepak Kolipaka

the creator: Navya Mahesh M, Ranjit Kumar Kodali

music director: Nilesh Mandalapu

Shading: Akhil Valluri

Editor: Satya Giduturi

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A small budget film, O Kaala, starring debutants Gaurish Yeleti and Roshni Sahota in lead roles, is now streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. The film is directed by Deepak Kolipaka. Let’s see how it is.


Harika (Roshni Sahota) is an MBA Marketing graduate. She sets up an advertising startup company with the motto of giving jobs to others. But her company faces bankruptcy due to some reasons, and hence she decides to commit suicide. When Harika is about to commit suicide, she meets a boy named Harsha (Gaurish Yeleti), who suddenly changes her life. Who is this Harsh? How did he change Harika’s fate? What happened later? This forms part of the rest of the film.

Plus Points:

O Kaala mostly runs on dialogue, and it is important that the actors be good enough to do justice to the script. The director has rightly cast Roshni and Gaurish Yeleti as the lead characters. The lead pair has given a very neat performance in the film. There won’t be an iota of doubt that O Kaala is his debut film. Such is the finesse displayed by both the actors.

Hindi television actress Roshni Sahota has surprised everyone with her Tollywood debut. She is very expressive as Harika and gets it right from her very first scene. The way she emotes, her dialogue delivery, confidence and body language is great. Roshni will have a bright future in Telugu if she chooses a good script.

Gaurish Yeleti acted in a subtle manner without going overboard. The script really demands from Gaurish to deliver a restrained performance, and the actor does it in an absolutely charming manner. O Kaala deals with a relevant social issue, and the director gives a good message to the modern youth. This part is handled intelligently by adding neat drama in the second half. Prachi Thakar and Devi Prasad are good in their respective roles.

minus points:

The film entirely runs on the interactions between the lead pair, and that aspect is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only a small section of the audience may like this style of presentation, and hence others may find the film boring.

The flashback episode of the male lead is somewhat boring and a bit long. Some unnecessary comedy scenes come here which could have been completely eliminated.

The first hour could have been designed even better. The director delivered what he wanted, but adding some more impactful scenes between the lead pair could have taken the film to the next level. The length of the film could have been reduced further.

technical aspects:

Nilesh Mandlapu’s music is good. Akhil Valluri’s cinematography is neat, and the visuals look good. The editing team could have done a better job, especially in the first half. Production values ​​are good.

Coming to director Deepak Kolipaka, he has done a decent job with the film. His special mention for a topic he has chosen that needs more public attention. Though the second part has significant twists and turns and good sentiments, the first part could have been handled better. Nonetheless, the message was delivered neatly.


On the whole, O KALA is a slow paced drama film with an important message for the society. Roshni and Gaurish make impressive debuts, and the director handles a few blocks well. But as mentioned earlier, the presentation style and slow narration may not appeal to everyone. Hence O Kala becomes a good watch.

123telugu.com Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by the 123telugu team

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