Soundgarden, Chris Cornell's widow settle recordings lawsuit

Streaming HUBApril 17, 2023

The widow of singer Chris Cornell and his former bandmates in Soundgarden said Monday that they have settled their lawsuit against them, clearing the way for the release of the band’s final recordings more than five years after his death.

Vicky Cornell sued Soundgarden in federal court in 2019 over royalties her husband took from the recording, saying it was a solo project, but the band’s opposition was part of their partnership with him.

“Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell, on behalf of the estate of Chris Cornell, are pleased to announce that they have reached an amicable settlement outside of court,” the parties said in a statement. “The reconciliation marks a new partnership between the two parties, which will allow Soundgarden fans around the world to hear the final songs the band and Chris have been working on.”

No details of the settlement were released, and no court documents were filed with the court announcing that the deal was done. An email seeking details from Soundgarden’s lawyers was not immediately returned.

Chris Cornell made seven disputed recordings at his Miami Beach home studio in the months before his death after a Soundgarden concert in Detroit in May 2017, according to the lawsuit, which names the band’s guitarist Kim Thayil, drummer Matt Cameron and bassist Chris Cornell as defendants. Ben Shepherd was involved. ,

It alleged that the band was denying hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from Vicky Cornell and the couple’s two children.

In 2021, Cornell’s family settled a separate lawsuit against a doctor they alleged over-prescribed him before his death, which was ruled a suicide.

Soundgarden was founded in 1984, and broke through nationally during the rise of Seattle’s grunge music scene in the late ’80s and early ’90s. His best-known songs include “Black Hole Sun,” “Jesus Christ Pose,” “Outshined” and “Spoonman.” Cornell was also part of the bands Audioslave and Temple of the Dog.

“The two sides are united and are coming together to advance, honor and build on the incredible legacy of Soundgarden,” said Monday’s statement, as well as Chris’ indelible mark on music history as one of the greatest songwriters and singers. is one of the


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