Pete Davidson to do 50 hours community service after charge of driving into Beverly Hills house

Streaming HUBJuly 25, 2023

Pete Davidson has entered a diversion program to resolve a reckless driving charge for crashing into his Beverly Hills home and will serve 50 hours of community service, authorities said Tuesday.

Los Angeles County prosecutors said the 29-year-old “Saturday Night Live” and “King of Staten Island” actor and comedian will likely perform community service with the New York Fire Department, where his late father worked.

Davidson was seven when his father, Scott, a New York firefighter, died responding to the 9/11 attacks.

Davidson pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor and was sentenced to 18 months of diversion, including 12 hours of traffic school, an order to obey all laws, and an unspecified restitution order.

When Davidson was charged on June 16, prosecutors called the March 4 crash a “serious collision”. No one was reported to be injured.

Davidson’s latest show, “Bupkiss,” debuted on Peacock in May, and he will star in the upcoming film, “Dumb Money.”

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