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Future – World – EXV

Future – World – EXV

Jan. 01, 201916 Min.
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Download Future – World – EXV Movie on your computer, mobile, tablet or any other multimedia device free. Future – World – EXV movie run-time length is 16 Min. and release date is Jan. 01, 2019. You can find download links by signup, do login and go to the links section to download. You can also share the link for Future – World – EXV Movie via Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We hope you like StreamingHUB.com.

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“Film & Photographic Cosmic Travellers such as Wilfred Ukpong call forth non-prescriptive, non-linear readings of the past, and demand that the kaleidoscopic condition of personal, cultural and national memory is forged into new and different jazz-like rhythmic formations. Ukpong’s visual world is a place of no one direction, no solid state, as in the realm of African Cosmologies, political memory functions and agitates within personal and political space, positioning both the audience and the maker not as subjects fixed in any given moment, but as active time-bending agents continuously engaged across different spaces, temporalities and universes.” (Mark Sealy, ABP)

Original title Future – World – EXV
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