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Streaming HUBApril 13, 2023
aslu telugu movie review

Release Date : April 13, 2023 Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: Ravi Babu, Poorna, Surya, Satya Krishnan, Pranavi Manukonda and others

Director: Uday and Suresh

the creator: Ravi Babu

music director: SS Rajesh

Shading: Charan Madhavaneni

Editor: Satyanarayan Balla

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Aslu starring Poorna and Ravi Babu in lead roles is now streaming on ETV WIN. Ravi Babu is also the producer, writer and supervising director of Aslu. This crime thriller is directed by Uday and Suresh. Let’s see how it is.


Venkatesh Chakraborty (Surya) is a renowned forensic pathology professor. Vandana (Poorna) is an assistant professor working under Chakraborty. One day Venkatesh Chakraborty is murdered while taking an online class. The students and Vandana are shocked to see this. CID Cop Ranjit Rao (Ravi Babu) is assigned the responsibility of solving the case. On the day of the murder, four men and an unknown masked man turn up at the professor’s residence. Which of the following has killed the professor? What is the killer’s motive? How did Vandana help Ranjith Rao in the case? The film has the answers.

Plus Points:

The film wastes no time and gets into the actual plot from the first scene itself. The murder and the proceedings that followed create curiosity. Ravi Babu is introduced in a convincing manner to deal with a murder case. With this intro, the makers immerse the audience in the film very well.

The setup has been done well, and the audience will be interested to see what happens next. The angle of the probe has been handled well. The primary suspects and their relationship with the professor are well fleshed out. The investigation points fingers at all the suspects making things interesting.

Ravi Babu is superb as the CID cop, and he has done an excellent job as an actor. Poorna got a very important role, and she played her role with conviction. Surya and others did what was expected of them. The film is almost 100 minutes long, which is another advantage of this crime thriller.

minus points:

The problem starts when we find out who the killer is. Till then, the film is interesting, but later the pace suddenly slows down. Unfortunately, this has been the problem with many thrillers, and Aslu is no exception. After revealing the killer, the film becomes utterly predictable, and the arguments go awry.

The backstory of the killer is very routine and after a promising start the film loses interest. Emotional connection is sorely missing. The cat-and-mouse game that ensues between the killer and the police department is not handled as the film nears its end. The climax portions are over the top and silly.

Also, the family aspect of Ravi Babu was not necessary for this conspiracy. Many of the scenes are written in a convenient manner, which makes one wonder if a crime could have been carried out very easily without getting caught. Showing the police in a bad light, not once did we feel that the killer could be caught.

technical aspects:

Background score by SS Rajesh is good. Charan Madhavaneni’s cinematography is solid, setting the necessary mood for a crime thriller. The production values ​​are clear. Editing is crisp.

Ravi Babu’s impression is visible in some of the sequences, which leaves us wanting more. But the film does not give complete satisfaction as the second half and climax are not handled well. Uday and Suresh’s direction is almost okay. The film would have been much better if the proceedings after the big reveal had been more entertaining.


On the whole, Aslu is a half-baked crime thriller. The way the second half is handled is not good, limiting the overall impact. Ravi Babu’s screen presence, Poorna’s performance and a few scenes make this film worth watching this weekend. Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by the 123telugu team

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